Libra PCIe-NVMe SSD Controller
General Description

EpoStar’ PCIe-NVMe SSD controller platform (Libra) is compliant with NVM Express 1.2 specification and targets for both enterprise and client SSD markets. It features EpoStar’s Meissa NVMe controller core and Alcyone LDPC error correction core to enable low-power and cost-effective SSD controllers that support 1x/1y/1z MLC/TLC and 3D NAND. Libra SSD architecture delivers industry-leading IOPS and latency performance. With EpoStar’s performance management, Libra is able to achieve consistent performance for different workloads and this is especially important for data center applications. The endurance management of Libra along with EpoStar’s dynamic VCR LDPC and advanced FTL combined as the ExtEnd™ technology that can either extend product life cycle or expand capacity (hence reduce the BOM cost) of SSD. Libra has been implemented on the FPGA platform and allows customers to develop FW in parallel with ASIC development.

Key Features

Compliant to NVMe 1.2 (pass UNH-IOL compliance test)
PCIe Gen3 (2/4/8-lanes based on customers’ requirements)
Meissa NVMe Controller Core
+Alcyone LDPC Error Correction Core
+Data Reduction Engine

     Reduce write amplification
     Increase usable over provisioning
Security Engine
NAND flash Interface
     Support ONFI 3.0 SDR mode 0 and NV-DDR2 Mode 0~7 (400 MT/s)
     Support Toggle 2, Up to 400MT/s
     Support SLC/MLC/TLC 3D NAND flash
     Fully programmable timing generator
     Up to 16 Channels, 16 die per channel
     Support hardware IO throttling
FTL FW, can be ported to different CPUs based on customers’ requirement
+Advanced Data Manager

     Centralized data buffer and queue management
Performance management
     Ensure consistent performance for different workload

Functional Block Diagram